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Before Use

Only the 1B22 and 1B32 are date-displaying models.

  1. Checking the Charging Status

  2. When the movement of the seconds hand shows an energy depletion state, the battery requires charging.

    1B35_Batt check Flow-1 V + Batt check Flow-1 V

    The seconds hand moves at one-second intervals.

    The seconds hand moves at two-second intervals.

    The seconds hand moves at five-second intervals.

    The seconds hand is stopped.

    The watch is sufficiently charged.

    The power save function is activated. Power save function

    Check the movements of the seconds hand after releasing the Power Save mode.

    The energy stored in the watch runs low.

    Charge the battery sufficiently.

    If the seconds hand does not move at one-second intervals even after fully charging the battery, refer to “Charging the solar battery” in Troubleshooting on Charging the solar battery

  3. Checking the time and date

  4. The hands of this watch cannot be moved by turning the crown.

    When adjusting the time or date, refer to the following regarding the procedures.

    1B32_Batt check Flow-2 V + Batt check Flow-2 V

    When the time and date are correct

    Use the watch without adjustment.

    When the time and date are incorrect

    When the radio signal can be received

    Setting the time and date by receiving a radio signal
    How to conduct manual reception (Receive
    a radio signal manually)

    When a radio signal cannot be received

When the watch does not display the correct time and date even after successfully receiving a radio signal, refer to Troubleshooting.→ Misalignment of the time and hand positions, and Misalignment of the date