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Charging the battery

How to charge the battery

Expose the dial to light to charge the watch.

Charging-1 AQ

To ensure optimal performance of the watch, make sure that the watch is kept sufficiently charged at all times.

Charging-2 AQ

Under the following situations, the energy of the watch is likely to be depleted, resulting in stoppage of the watch:

The watch is concealed under a sleeve.

The watch is used or stored under conditions where it cannot be exposed to light for a long time.

Be careful to make sure that the watch does not get hot when it is charging. (The operating temperature range is -10°C to +60°C.)

When you first start using the watch or starting it after it stopped due to a lack of charge, charge the watch sufficiently using the table on Guide to charging times as a guide.

Guide to charging times

Charge the watch using the times below as a guide.

lx (LUX)

Light source

Condition (Example)

From the state where the watch is stopped (Not charged)

In the state where the hand moves (The watch is charged)

Time required for fully charging the watch

Time required for charging the watch to start moving at one-second intervals

Time required for charging the watch to last for 1 day


Fluorescent light

General offices



5 hours


Fluorescent light

30 W 20 cm

200 hours

5 hours

1.5 hours


Fluorescent light

30 W 5 cm

60 hours

1 hours

15 minutes


Cloudy day



Sunny day (Under the direct sunlight on a summer day)

24 hours

30 minutes

3 minutes

The figures of “Time required for charging the watch to start moving at one-second intervals” are estimations of time required to charge the stopped watch by exposing it to light until it moves at steady one-second intervals. Even if the watch is partially charged for a shorter period, the watch will resume one-second interval movement. However, it may shortly return to two-second interval movement. Use the charging time in this column as a rough guide for sufficient charging time.

The seconds hand movement indicates the remaining amount of energy. Checking the Charging Status

The required charging time slightly varies depending on the model of the watch.