Power Source

The battery used in this watch is a special secondary battery, which is different from ordinary batteries.
Unlike an ordinary silver oxide battery, the secondary battery does not require periodic replacement.

The capacity or charging efficiency may gradually lower due to long-term use or operating environment.
In addition, long-term use may shorten the charge duration due to wear, contamination, lubricant deterioration of mechanical parts, etc. Request repair when the performance lowers.


Notes on replacing the secondary battery

Do not remove the secondary battery from the watch.
Replacement of the secondary battery requires professional knowledge and skill. Please ask the retailer from whom the watch was purchased for replacement of the secondary battery.

Installation of an ordinary silver oxide battery can generate heat that can cause bursting and ignition.

Overcharge prevention function

When the secondary battery is fully charged, the overcharge prevention function is automatically activated to avoid further charging.
There is no need to worry about damage caused by overcharging no matter how much the secondary battery is charged in excess of the “time required for fully charging the watch.”

For the required time to fully charge the battery, see Guide to charging times.


Notes on charging the watch

When charging the watch, do not place the watch in close proximity to an intense light source such as lighting equipment for photography, spotlights or incandescent lights, as the watch may be excessively heated resulting in damage to its internal parts.

When charging the watch by exposure to direct sunlight, avoid places that easily reach high temperatures, such as a car dashboard.

Always keep the watch temperature under 60°C.