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How to conduct manual reception (Receive a radio signal manually)

  1. Place the watch.

  2. Place the watch where it can easily receive a radio signal.

    To improve radio signal reception

    Environments in which it is difficult to receive a radio signal

    The watch cannot receive a radio signal outside the radio signal reception range. Radio signal reception range indication

    1B35_How to conduct manual reception-1 + How to conduct manual reception-1

    The antenna for receiving radio signals inside the watch is at the 8 o’clock position. Turning the antenna toward the outside of the window enables the watch to receive radio signals more easily.

  3. Continue to press and hold the button for 3 seconds, and then release it when the seconds hand moves to the 0-second position.

  4. Reception starts after the seconds hand moves and stops at the 0-second position.

    When the time difference is set for a region other than radio signal reception range, the seconds hand does not move to the 0-second position. (A radio signal cannot be received manually.) Check the time difference set currently.
    Setting the time difference (Setting the radio signal transmitting station)

    Press the button using an object with a long tapered tip. How to use the button

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    Press and hold for
    3 seconds

  5. Place the watch and wait for a few minutes (max. 12 minutes).

  6. When the seconds hand moves at the one-second interval, the reception is finished.

    It takes time to receive a radio signal (max. 12 minutes).

    The required time varies depending on the receiving state of a radio signal.

<Display until the reception is finished>

The seconds hand indicates the reception level.

Reception level

High : H

Low : L



Receiving state of a radio signal

Easy to receive

Difficult to receive

<If the reception has failed>

The seconds hand indicates the reception result “N.”

Reception result : N


After 5 seconds, the watch switches to the time display mode.

If reception has failed: The seconds hand points to N

  1. When the seconds hand starts to move at one-second intervals, check that the reception is successful.

  2. When the reception is finished, check that the reception is successful.

    How to display the reception results