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Preliminary position

When the date and time are not correct even if the radio signal reception is successful, the preliminary position of the date may be misaligned.

The possible causes of misalignment of preliminary position are as follows:

In the case of having a strong impact:

the misalignment may occur when dropping or hitting the watch.

In the case of a magnetic influence:

the misalignment may occur when bringing the watch close to an object which generates magnetism.

Examples of common magnetic products that may affect watches

The condition “the preliminary position of hand is misaligned” means that compared to a health meter, “the zero position of a meter is misaligned, causing a correct weight not to be displayed.”

Automatic hand position adjustment function (Adjustment of preliminary positions of hour, minute and seconds hands)

The hour, minute, and seconds hands have an “Automatic Hand Position Adjustment Function,” which automatically corrects an incorrect preliminary position. Automatic Hand Position Adjustment Function activates once an hour for the minute and seconds hands and at 12:00 both for AM and PM for the hour hand.

This function works when the preliminary hand position is misaligned due to external factors such as strong impact or magnetic influence.
It does not work to adjust accuracy of the watch or slight deviations which may occur during the manufacturing process.

Preliminary position adjustment of the date

Only the 1B22 and 1B32 are date-displaying models.

Since the preliminary position of the date is not automatically adjusted, it is necessary to align the position manually.

To adjust the preliminary position, reset the system.

In case of an abnormal movement