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This is a solar-driven, radio signal-adjusted watch.

The watch is operated by using “electric energy” which is converted from the light received by the solar panel.

This watch displays the precise time by receiving radio signals conveying time information.

It can receive official standard frequencies from Japan (from either of two transmitting stations), the People’s Republic of China, the United States of America and Germany.

The watch maintains the precise time by automatically receiving radio signals on official standard frequencies.
Manual reception of radio signals is also possible.
This watch can receive official standard radio signals from Japan (from 2 transmitting stations), China, U.S.A. and Germany. (Select the transmitting station in the time difference adjustment function.)

Reception Level Indication Function
Reception level display:

The movement of the seconds hand indicates the radio signal reception level during radio signal reception attempts.
(Only manual reception)

Display Function of Radio Signal Reception Results
How to check the reception status:

The movement of the seconds hand indicates radio signal reception results (Yes/No).

Time Difference Adjustment Function (Selecting Transmitting Station)
Time difference adjustment function (When using overseas):

Set the time difference in order to display the local time overseas.
Additionally, set the time difference to enable reception of the radio signal in areas in which it is available.

Solar Charging Function
Charging the battery:

A solar cell underneath the dial converts any form of light into “electrical energy” to charge it. Once fully charged, the watch continues to run for approximately six months.

The movement of the seconds hand indicates that the battery should be charged.

Power Save Function
Power save function:

This watch is equipped with a function which can suppress energy consumption when it is left without receiving an adequate light source for a certain length of time.

When the hand positions display an incorrect time as a result of external influences such as magnetism, the watch automatically corrects the hand misalignment.