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This solar watch is equipped with a water depth measurement function and diving log function.

Water resistant performance for air diving:

This watch is equipped with water resistant performance to be used in water for a long period of time with scuba diving tanks. (It cannot be used for saturation diving that uses helium gas.)

Time and calendar function
How to set the time and date:

The calendar is a fully automatic calendar with dates from 2001 to 2100. The day and date are displayed on the digital display screen.
Fully automatic calendar

Local time display function
How to set local time:

You can display your home time on the analog display and the local time on the digital display.

Stopwatch function
How to use the stopwatch:

The stopwatch can count up to a maximum of 100 hours.

Alarm function
How to use the alarm:

The watch is equipped with a daily alarm function that sounds every day at the set time (hour/minute).

Water depth measurement function:

Measures up to a water depth of 80 meters, displaying data digitally in real time while diving.

Diving log function
How to use the diving mode:

You can record and check diving information such as water depth and elapsed dive time. The watch can store up to 100 diving logs simultaneously.

Solar Charging Function
Charging the battery:

The watch charges by converting light that shines on the solar panel on the dial into electrical energy. After the battery is fully charged, the watch will operate for about five months even if the dial is not exposed to light.

Power save/sleep function
Power saving/sleep function:

If the dial is not exposed to light and the crown and buttons are not operated for a certain period of time, the power save function activates to limit the consumption of unnecessary energy.

Energy level display function
Energy levels:

The current energy level is displayed in 10 levels. It gives you an indication of how much battery charge is remaining.