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How to use the stopwatch

The stopwatch can count up to a maximum of 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds in increments of 1/100 seconds.
The stopwatch can count in increments of seconds after 60 minutes has passed.

The light will not turn on when the watch is in stopwatch display.

  1. Unlock the button.

  2. Press Button Button A to show the stopwatch on the digital display.

  3. H855_Stopwatch-1
  4. Press Button Button B to start the stopwatch.

  5. The stopwatch starts or stops when you press Button Button B.

    Hold down Button Button B to reset the stopwatch time.

    If you press Button Button A to change the digital display while the stopwatch is functioning, it will continue to function.

    If the stopwatch exceeds the maximum count time, it will automatically stop and be reset.

    H855_Stopwatch-2-1 + Stopwatch-2-1

    Up to 60 minutes



    1/100 of a second

    5 minutes and 43.21 seconds

    H855_Stopwatch-2-2 + Stopwatch-2-2

    Over 60 minutes




    1 hour, 23 minutes, and 54 seconds

    Lock the button once you have finished using the stopwatch.
    Screw lock type button