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How to set local time

In addition to the time shown on the time display, you can set another time as the local time.
This is useful for when you travel overseas.

  1. Unlock the crown and button.

  2. Press Button Button A to show the local time on the digital display.

  3. K205_Set Local time-1
  4. Pull out the crown.

  5. “Hour” on the digital display will start flashing.

    K205_Set Local time-3
  1. Turn the crown to set the time.

  2. Press Button Button A to switch to adjusting minutes.

    K205_Set Local time-4 + How to set Local time 4

    Turn clockwise:
    Time moves forwards

    Turn counterclockwise:
    Time moves backwards

  3. Push the crown back in to the normal position.

  4. K205_Set Local time-5
  5. Lock the crown and button.