Thank you very much for choosing a SEIKO watch.
For proper and safe use of your SEIKO watch, please carefully read the instructions in this manual before use.

Length adjustment service for metallic bands is available at the retailer from whom the watch was purchased. If you cannot have your watch repaired by the retailer from whom the watch was purchased because you received the watch as a gift, or you moved to a distant place, please contact SEIKO CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER. The service may also be available on a chargeable basis at other retailers, however, some retailers may not undertake the service.

If your watch has a protective film for preventing scratches, make sure to peel it off before using the watch. If the watch is used with the film on it, dirt, sweat, dust, or moisture may be attached to the film and may cause rust.

caution WARNING
Make sure to read the following instructions before use and strictly observe them.

caution_b WARNING

When diving, never carry out operations other than those specified in this instruction manual. Mishandling of the product and misunderstanding of the displayed content may lead to a fatal or serious accident.

caution_b WARNING

The diver’s watch is an auxiliary instrument which mainly displays the passage of time and does not ensure the safety of a user. Use this watch while using the equipment (residual pressure gauge, water depth meter, etc.) required for safe diving.

caution_b WARNING

Never use this watch for “saturation diving” using helium gas.

caution_b WARNING

Do not dive using this product unless you have been properly trained in scuba diving, acquired the requisite experience and techniques for safe diving, thoroughly familiarized yourself with the operation and handling of this product, and inspect all functions of this product prior to each dive.

caution CAUTION
Make sure to read the following instructions before use and strictly observe them.

caution_b CAUTION

Inspect the following items before diving (excluding saturation diving):

The watch is operating normally.

The remaining battery level is sufficient and the mainspring is sufficiently wound.

The rotating bezel turns smoothly. (The bezel rotation must not be too loose or too tight.)

Screws of the crown and other parts are reliably tightened.

No abnormalities such as flaws or cracks exist on the band or glass.

The band is reliably fixed (with spring bar, buckle or other parts.)

If any abnormality is observed in the above items, do not use this watch for diving.

caution_b CAUTION

Do not operate the crown or buttons underwater.

caution_b CAUTION

As the use environment of the diver’s watch may affect not only the case or band but also the internal mechanism of the watch, we recommend that you periodically request an overhaul for inspection and adjustment approximately once every three to four years.