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How to use the alarm

You can set the alarm to sound every day at a set time.

  1. Unlock the crown and button.

  2. Press Button Button A to show the alarm on the digital display.

  3. K205_Alarm-1
  4. Pull out the crown.

  5. “Hour” on the digital display will start flashing.

  1. Turn the crown to set the time.

  2. Press Button Button A to switch to adjusting minutes.

    K205_Alarm-4 + Alarm 4

    Turn clockwise:
    Time moves forwards

    Turn counterclockwise:
    Time moves backwards

  3. Push the crown back in to the normal position.

  4. The alarm will automatically be turned on.

  5. Lock the crown and button.

How to check alarms

When an alarm has been set, the alarm symbol Alarm will be displayed.

When you want to turn the alarm on or off

When the digital display is showing the alarm, pressing Button Button A and Button Button B at the same time enables you to turn the alarm tone on or off.


K205_Alarm-6 + Alarm 6

Alarm symbol

Stopping an activated alarm

The alarm will sound for 10 seconds at the set time.
To stop the activated alarm, press any button on the watch.