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1. Features

Three-hand (hour, minute, and seconds) analog display and digital display

2. Frequency of crystal oscillator

32,768 Hz (Hz = Vibrations per second)

3. Loss/gain (Monthly rate)

Monthly average loss/gain ± 15 seconds
Only if worn on the wrist in a temperature range of 5°C to 35°C.

4. Operational temperature range

−10°C to +60°C (the display function is 0°C to +50°C)

5. Driving system (analog)

Step Motor, 3 pieces

6. Display (digital)

FE (field effect) nematic liquid crystals

7. Power source

Rechargeable battery: 1

8. Duration

Approx. six months (if the watch is not exposed to light after a full charge, the stopwatch is used an hour a day, the light is used once a day (two seconds), the alarm is used once a day (10 seconds), and power save mode is engaged for six hours a day)

9. Light (digital)

Internal light: LED

10. Electronic circuits

Oscillation, division, drive: C-MOS LSI (1), LED circuit: C-MOS IC (1)

The specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvements.