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This is a GPS solar watch.

Unlike navigation equipment, this GPS solar watch is not designed to constantly receive GPS signals from GPS satellites without any operation.
This watch receives GPS signals only in the time zone adjustment mode, automatic or manual time adjustment mode.

This watch has the following features.

GPS signal reception

The time on the watch can be adjusted to the current time with just one button operation*, anywhere in the world.

DST (daylight saving time or “summer time”) is set manually

This watch quickly adjusts the time by receiving GPS signals from GPS satellites.

This watch responds to all the time zones around the world.

When the region or time zone where the watch is used is changed, please carry out operation of “time zone adjustment.”


Solar charging Function

This watch operates by solar charging.

Expose the dial to light to charge the watch.

The watch will operate for about 6 months on a full charge.

When the energy stored in the watch runs out completely, it takes time to fully charge the watch, so please keep in mind to charge the watch regularly.


Automatic time adjustment function

This watch automatically adjusts the time in accordance with action patterns during use.

When the watch has sensed sufficient brightness under an open sky, it automatically receives GPS signals from GPS satellites. This function enables the watch to automatically adjust the time precisely even while you are using the watch.

This watch is unable to receive GPS signals when the energy stored in the watch is low.