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When boarding (in-flight mode (plane))

In-flight mode (plane)

Set to the in-flight mode (plane) where the reception may influence operation of other electronics devices in an airplane, etc.

In the in-flight mode (plane), the GPS signal reception (time zone adjustment, manual time adjustment, and automatic time adjustment) does not work.

< In-flight mode (plane) >

The indicator hand points to plane.


When the in-flight mode (plane) is reset, the indicator hand indicates the charging status.

Set to the in-flight mode (plane).

  1. Pull out the crown to the first click

  2. The seconds hand will move to the 0-second position.

    3X62_23-01 + Manual time zone-1

    Pull out to the first click

    Take note that turning the crown at this time will perform manual time difference setting.

  3. Continue to press Button B (3 seconds)

  4. The indicator hand displays the in-flight mode (plane).

    3X62_22-03 + In-flight mode-1

    Press for 3 seconds

    When continuously pressing Button B again, the in-flight mode (plane) is reset and the indicator hand indicates the charging status.

  5. Push the crown back in

  6. The seconds hand returns to the time display mode.

    3X62_22-04 + In-flight mode-2

    Push back in

    When the in-flight mode (plane) is set, the indicator hand does not indicate the charging status.

Reset the in-flight mode (plane).

3X62_22-05 + In-flight mode-3

* The display when the charging status is “full”

Turn off the in-flight mode when leaving an airplane, etc.

If it is not turned off, the watch will not be able to receive GPS signals.

Carry out operation Sq_1 to Sq_3.

When the indicator hand points to “the charging status” in the figure at the right, the in-flight mode (plane) is reset.