16 Aug 2023

Seiko Named Official Timer for World Athletics Championships in Budapest

Seiko Group Corporation has been designated as the official timer for the 19th World Athletics Championships (WCH)  to be held at National Athletics Center in Budapest, Hungary, from August 19-27.

Since its debut with the World Athletics Championship in 1985, Seiko has served as the official timer for 18 consecutive Championships.

Seiko continues to support the evolution of sports, not only bringing an experienced timing team and the latest state-of-the-art equipment to provide precise timing and measurements, but also organizing events to support, the next generation of athletes. In Budapest, Seiko will hold “Time to Shine,” a program to encourage up-and-coming young athletes, following the success of a similar event last year at the WCH in Oregon.


Triple Jump Phase MeasurementTJP

Starting from this tournament, we will be installing high-resolution (4096 x 3000 px) cameras capable of recording 60 frames per second (60 FPS) to capture a wide area from the run-up to the sandpit. These cameras will be placed at elevated locations such as the spectator stands. With this setup, we will be able to measure the triple jump's run-up speed and the distance, height, and speed of each phase of the triple jump (hop, step, and jump). We intend to provide this valuable information to both the athletes and the spectators.

* FPS: ”frames per second" indicates the number of individual frames that comprise a video in each second. So, 60 FPS would mean that 60 images are displayed per second.

The footage will be captured using a high-resolution camera at 60 frames per second (FPS)

Cameras will be installed in elevated locations such as
the spectator area

We will measure the approach speed for the triple jump, as well as the distance, height, and speed of each of the three components (hop, step, and jump)

Time to Shine

Seiko is doing its small part to inspire the next generation through the “Time to Shine” program. This event is designed to foster the track and field athletes of tomorrow. Young stars between the ages of 10 and 12 will have an opportunity to race at the same venues and use the same equipment as athletes participating at the WCH. This experience is designed to give them insights into the challenges of world-class competition and inspire them to achieve greatness.


- Date:  Monday 21 August, 14:00~16:30

- Venue:  National Athletics CenterBudapest

- Target audience:  Athletes between 10 and 12 years old boy & girl

- Instructor: Chisato Fukushima(Seiko Smile Ambassador)


Chisato Fukushima's Profile


Scenes from the World Athletics Championships Oregon 2022

World Athletics Championships Budapest 2023 Limited Edition

Seiko will release a special limited-edition model of the Prospex chronograph Speedtimer collection to commemorate the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23. Speedtimer is a collection based on a design philosophy that Seiko has developed over many years, which focuses on ensuring the same kind of accuracy and reliability found in our timing instruments.

This commemorative, limited-edition model features a dial with a pattern reminiscent of the texture of an athletic stadium track. The hands and outer ring of each sub-dial are colored gold, symbolizing winning in sports. This special watch captures the passion of intense competition, putting the excitement of the World Athletic Championships on your wrist.

Learn more about the Limited Edition: SFJ007J1

First time to be "Official Sponsor of the Japan National Team"

After concluding a contract with the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (Chairman: Mitsugi Ogata; Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo), Seiko has been designated as the "Official Sponsor of the Japan National Team" for the 19th World Athletics Championships in Budapest.  This marks the first time that Seiko will serve in that role WCH. As part of this sponsorship, Seiko will provide products and services to the Japanese national team and have the "SEIKO" logo displayed on various team apparel. This partnership will support the success and achievements of the Japanese national team on the world stage.