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When boarding (in-flight mode (plane))

In-flight mode (plane)

Set to the in-flight mode (plane) where the reception may influence operation of other electronics devices in an airplane, etc.

In the in-flight mode (plane), the GPS signal reception (time zone adjustment, manual time adjustment, and automatic time adjustment) does not work.

< In-flight mode (plane) >

The indicator hand points to plane.


When the in-flight mode (plane) is reset, the indicator hand indicates the charging status.

Set to the in-flight mode (plane).

  1. Pull out the crown to the first click

  2. The seconds hand moves to display the currently set time zone.

    The indicator hand indicates DST (Daylight Saving Time) setting.

    23-01 + Manual time zone-1

    Pull out to the first click

  3. Continue to press Button B (3 seconds)

  4. The indicator hand displays the in-flight mode (plane) (5 seconds).
    Afterward, it indicates the DST (Daylight Saving Time).

    22-03 + In-flight mode-1

    Press for 3 seconds

    Pressing Button A or turning the crown takes you back to the Sq_1 operation.

  5. Push the crown back in

  6. The indicator hand returns to display the charging status.

    22-04 + In-flight mode-2

    Push back in

    When the in-flight mode (plane) is set, the indicator hand does not indicate the charging status.

Reset the in-flight mode (plane).

22-05 + In-flight mode-3

* The display when the charging status is “full”

Turn off the in-flight mode when leaving an airplane, etc.

If it is not turned off, the watch will not be able to receive GPS signals.

Carry out operation Sq_1 to Sq_3.

When the indicator hand points to “the charging status” in the figure at the right, the in-flight mode (plane) is reset.