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To adjust the time zone and time by GPS signal reception (time zone adjustment)

Time zone adjustment


The time zone where you are is localized to adjust the watch to the precise current time by just one button operation anywhere in the world.

This reflects the data regarding the adoption of DST (Daylight Saving Time) in the country that received the GPS signals.

The time automatically switches to adjust for the adoption and duration of DST (Daylight Saving Time) for countries that follow DST (Daylight Saving Time).

“Normal time” always appears for countries that do not adopt DST (Daylight Saving Time).

Failure or success of reception depends on the reception environment. Place where GPS signals can be easily received/Place where GPS signals cannot be received

GPS signal reception consumes a lot of energy.
Keep in mind to regularly charge the watch by expose to light so that the indicator hand points to the “middle” or “full.”How to charge the watch
If the charging status is displayed as “low,” the reception will not start even with operation of GPS signal reception.
Check the charging status

Precautions on time zone adjustment

If the time zone is adjusted near a time zone boundary, the time of the adjacent time zone may be displayed.

In some areas the boundaries observed by the watch may not exactly correlate to the actual time zone markers on the land. This does not indicate a malfunction.

In this case, set the time zone in the manual time zone setting mode.

When the time zone is adjusted while traveling on land, avoid time zone boundaries to carry out time zone adjustment in the representative cities in the time zone whenever possible.

In addition, when the watch is used near time zone boundaries, make sure to check the time zone setting, and manually set the time zone as necessary.

How to adjust the time zone

  1. Go to a place where GPS signals can be easily received

  2. Move to the outdoors under an open sky with good visibility.

  3. Continue to press Button B (3 seconds), and then release it when the seconds hand moves to the 30-second position

  4. When the seconds hand has reached the 30-second position, reception is started.

    The indicator hand points to “4+”.

    18-01 + Adjust time zone-1

    Press for 3 seconds

    While the indicator hand points to “low” or plane, reception is not started even with operation for reception.
    When the hand points to “low,” charge the watch by expose to light. How to charge the watch

    Check whether the watch is able/unable to receive GPS signals
    Check the charging status

    When the hand points to plane, reset the in-flight mode (plane).
    Reset the in-flight mode (plane).

  5. Direct the watch face upward and wait

  6. Please note that it may be difficult to receive GPS signals while you are in motion.

    R766_ forced reception _ put in arm

    It takes a maximum of 2 minutes to complete reception.

    It depends on the receiving conditions.

    < Display during reception (= satellites acquisition status) >

    18-02 + Adjust time zone-2

    0 units

    2 units

    3 units

    4 units

    5 units

    6 units

    The seconds hand indicates ease of receiving (= number of GPS satellites from which GPS signals are received).

    The larger the number of acquired satellites there are, the easier it is to receive GPS signals.

    Number of satellites

    Ease of reception

    4 units or more

    Easy to receive

    3 units

    May receive

    0-2 units

    Cannot receive

    Even when the hand points to 4 units or more, reception may not be allowed.

    18-03 + Push ButtonB_S

    Press Button B

    To cancel the reception, press Button B.

  7. When the seconds hand points to “Y” or “N”, reception is completed

  8. The reception result is displayed for 5 seconds.

    If reception is successful, the time and date are adjusted.

    The settings for the time zone and DST (Daylight Saving Time) are reflected in the time that appears.

    Reception result display

    Y: Successful
    (8-second position)

    N: Failed
    (52-second position)




    Use the watch as it is.

    When the reception result is displayed as “N”GPS signal reception

    Check that the reception is successful after the watch returns to the time display mode.

    The buttons cannot be operated while the hour and minute hands, indicator hand, date, and day are moving.