Functions to adjust the time

GPS signal reception GPS signal reception

This function receives signals from GPS satellites, identifies the time zone of the current location with one button operation, and displays the correct current time.
Use this when traveling to a region in a different time zone.

DST (daylight saving time or “summer time”) is set manually

This function receives signals from GPS satellites and displays the correct current time of the set time difference (time).
Use this to set the correct time that is normally used.

Automatic time adjustment
Automatic time adjustment:

This function determines suitable timing inside the watch for receiving signals from GPS satellites, and automatically begins reception of signals.
It displays the accurate current time for the set time difference.

This function enables changing of the time difference. Also use this function to set DST (daylight saving time or “summer time”).

Functions to charge

Solar Charging Function
About charging:

The watch converts light to electrical energy and charges the battery, using the solar cell beneath the dial. The watch will operate for about 6 months on a full charge.

Charging status display function
Check the charging status:

Roughly displays the energy charged in the watch. Also shows whether the watch is able to receive GPS signals.

The Power Save mode can be activated in order to reduce unnecessary energy consumption when the watch is left without an adequate light source.

Function for reception

Function to prevent the GPS signal reception function from working.
Set this mode when boarding an airplane, etc.

Displays the latest reception result (success/failure).

Other functions

Automatically corrects misalignment when the hands are misaligned due to external factors such as magnetic influence.

Automatic leap second reception function
Leap second (Automatic leap second reception function):

Automatically receives leap second data when leap second data reception is necessary.