Brand Concept

Be disruptive.
Find your own new style, with Seiko 5 Sports.

Genealogy of the Seiko 5 Sports

The first ever Seiko 5 Sports watch from 1968

Born in the 60’s. Loved ever since. 

The first ever Seiko 5 watch, Seiko Sportmatic 5, was born in 1963. It was Seiko’s and Japan’s first ever automatic day-date watch. ‘’5’’ represented the promise that every Seiko 5 watch would have five key attributes.

Taken together and in combination with the then new mainspring and shock resistance system, these features gave Seiko 5 its distinctive appearance and its strength. 

Five key attributes

・ Automatic movement
・ Day-date display at the three o’clock position
・ Water resistance
・ Recessed crown at the four o’clock position
・ Case and bracelet built for durability