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How to wind the mainspring

This watch is a self-winding watch equipped with a manual winding mechanism.

When the watch is worn on the wrist, the motion of the wearer’s arm winds the mainspring of the watch.

When first using a stopped watch, it is recommended that you manually wind the mainspring by turning the crown.

Guide for winding state of the mainspring


The mainspring of the watch becomes fully wound when the watch is worn for twelve hours per day for three to five consecutive days.


It is possible to wind up for appropriately 10 hours by rotating the crown 5 times.

Observe the power reserve indicator to check the winding state of the mainspring.

This watch is configured in such a way that the mainspring cannot be over-wound.
Even if you turn the crown after the mainspring is fully wound, the mainspring will not wind up any more. Even if you continue to turn the crown, it will not damage the watch, however, please refrain from operating the crown excessively.

Under a low-temperature condition (below 0 °C), please keep at least one-sixth of the watch power shown by the power reserve indicator. There are possibilities that the watch may stop.

How to wind the mainspring by using crown (Hand winding)

  1. With extra care so as not to press the crown in, slowly turn it in the direction of the arrow.

  2. 5R65_Wind the mainspring-1

    For models with screw down crown, please unlock the crown before operating it.

  3. Wind the mainspring until the power reserve indicator shows a full-wound state.

  4. 5R65_Wind the mainspring-2 + Wind the mainspring-2

    Full-wound state

    Power reserve indicator

    Make sure that the seconds hand is moving.

    For models with screw down crown, please be sure to lock the crown after operating it.

    When setting the time and date after winding, please continue the procedure without locking the crown.
    How to set the time and date

    Even if you turn the crown counterclockwise, the mainspring will not be wound, but will turn into idle form.