Seiko and The National Institute
of Polar Research

Environmental research in the polar regions.

The National Institute of Polar Research of Japan researches environmental change and studies natural phenomena in the Arctic and Antarctic regions to predict the impact of global warming on the environment. Seiko Prospex contributes to this important work through “Save the Ocean”. 

In the 1960s, the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, in which NIPR plays a role, chose to use Seiko’s diver’s watches and timing equipment. Seiko renewed this tradition in 2021 by donating Prospex diver’s watches to be worn and used by the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition members as they researched environmental change in Antarctica.

Various timepieces were donated to the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1967.

A quartz clock installed on the Icebreaker "Fuji" in 1966

A leader with members testing Seiko diver's watches in 1967

Prospex is worn by the 64th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition members.

In 2022, Seiko 200m solar quartz diver’s watches were worn and used in the 64th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition.

Seiko donated the model SNE573. "The 64th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition" is inscribed in Japanese on the screw case back, as is each watch’s serial number.