Lumi Brite

LumiBrite is a recent development in Seiko luminous paints that is brighter, longer-lasting and completely free of radioactive substances.

In the past, all luminous paints used to rely on radioactive substances to generate afterglow. After advances in technology, they were replaced by fluorescent luminous paints which glow in the dark by releasing light-energy stored from the surrounding light. This was considered a great advance, since fluorescent luminous paints are completely free from radioactivity and potential hazards. However, glow tended to be short-lived; it faded rapidly as the stored light energy was discharged.

LumiBrite is a dramatically improved fluorescent luminous paint that quickly absorbs a greater amount of the light energy exposed to it and glows brighter and much longer in the dark. As its name suggests, LumiBrite starts glowing brightly in the dark and fades slowly. It is also completely free of radioactivity, ensuring safety for people and the environment. It is the ideal successor to both radioactive luminous paint and conventional fluorescent paints.


1. Longer output duration

It glows at its full brightness after a brief exposure to sunlight or artificial light (more than 500lux) for about 10 minutes. The light lasts for about 3-5 hours in the dark, which is more than 10 times longer than conventional luminous paint.

2. Stronger glow intensity

The intensity of glow in the dark after storing light energy is much brighter than that of conventional fluorescent luminous paint and radioactive luminous paint.

3. Safe for people and environment

It is completely free of radioactive substances, ensuring safety for both people and the environment. Furthermore, since there is no legal restriction on use, it is possible to cover even the entire dial.

4. Semi-permanent longevity

Because it is made of inorganic material, LumiBrite quality is sustained for a long period, allowing it to be used semipermanently.