Seiko Prospex Limited Edition “Shu-iro”

A special limited edition with a motif of Japanese naval forces is available exclusively in Europe.
*These watches are also sold in the following countries outside Europe. 
(Israel, Turkey, and South Africa)

This limited edition captures the power of the Japanese naval forces called "Suigun", 
the traditional armed forces on water. In the island nation of Japan, the Suigun who lived in coastal areas were active as waterborne soldiers since ancient times, playing an important role in maritime safety, trade and distribution, maritime security, and maritime transportation by pilotage. 

The color scheme is inspired by the Suigun, and an imposing case shape, commonly refered to as called "samurai" by the fans, express their strong and powerful conduct.

The color scheme of the dial is inspired by the “Shu-iro” which is a vermilion color-lacquered armor used by the naval forces. It was said that wearing this red, the most conspicuous color on the battlefield, proved that you were brave and courageous, and that your courage could inspire not only yourself but also your entire troop.

 In this limited edition, “Shu-iro” is used for the entire dial creating a powerful presence on your wrist.

The shape of this limited edition is nicknamed by Seiko fans "King Samurai" – because of its angular shaped design.  The upper surface of the case and the lug is composed of sharp surfaces, as if they were sliced off with a Japanese sword and the powerful case with protruding shoulders evokes the Samurai’s armor. 
The mesh pattern on the side of the bezel captures the diamond patterns of the handle of a Japanese sword.

A special box in the “Shu-iro” color with additional black straps.

Seiko Prospex
Limited Edition “Shu-iro”

[Caliber 4R35]

Limited edition of 3,500

Available in January 2021

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