30 May 2022

Important Notice regarding Counterfeit SEIKO watches

It has been brought to our attention that several online sellers, including auction sites, online marketplaces or SNS, are offering counterfeit watches for sale. These watches are normally sold at extremely low prices and are sometimes indistinguishable from genuine products. There are also scam websites where the sellers promote the products by using images of SEIKO watches, but no product is delivered to the customer even if payment is made.

Some online sellers are using the SEIKO logo to pretend to be an authorized dealer while other sellers are claiming that the products are modified by using SEIKO “aftermarket” parts. However, we never authorize such sellers and products. In addition, such counterfeit products are usually not subject to health and safety regulations for materials or workmanship. Therefore, please be warned that the use of counterfeit watches can lead to serious health and safety problems.

We endeavor to eliminate such illegal sites and counterfeit products to protect our intellectual property rights and hope to bring our valued customers continued enjoyment and satisfaction with our products.

We kindly request you to be sure to confirm authenticity before purchasing.

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