Seiko Astron 5X Series 2018 Limited Edition

Seiko Astron 5X Series 2018 Limited Edition

The new Astron GPS Solar Limited Edition inspired by the remarkable astronomical phenomenon of the supernova.

The new design is a striking and yet refined. With its three dimensional dial, bold hands and the sharp lines and distortion-free surfaces that only Zaratsu polishing can achieve, the design is instantly recognisable as Astron and the perfection in every detail speaks volumes for the care taken at every stage of the manufacture and for the enduring beauty of the result.


A completely new caliber with “high-speed time zone adjustment” and a “time transfer function” capability.

To enhance the speed and quality of the GPS connection, every component in the GPS module has been re-engineered. Thanks to
the use of three independent motors for the hour, minute and second hands, Caliber 5X requires at the fastest just three seconds* to change from one time zone to another.

  • Speed comparison of different movements: Tokyo→New York (14 hour time difference): 8X Series: 34 seconds, 5X Series: 3 seconds.

The “time transfer function” allows you to switch, simply and instantly, the display of home and destination times between the main dial and the sub dial.

Just press simultaneously on the buttons at two and four o’clock and Caliber 5X converts the main dial display from, for example, home time to local time with a single push. The sub-dial changes from local to home time at the same time.

Automatic synchronization to the exact time.

Your Astron 5X watch adjusts automatically to the exact time, up to twice a day. If it can see the sky, it will connect with one or more GPS satellites and re-set the time, if needed, to a precision of one second every 100,000 years*. Even if the watch cannot see
the sky, it remembers when it was last successful in receiving a time signal and automatically attempts to receive a signal.

  • Automatic time adjustments occur once daily with 8X Series, twice daily with 5X Series.


Extremely compact size

The new Astron 5X series is the world’s slimmest* GPS solar watch. The case is 42.9mm in diameter and 12.2mm in depth.

  • As of August 1, 2018. Based on Seiko’s research.

A new adjustment system for the buckle

A new buckle adjustment system allows you to make, at the touch of a button,
minor adjustments to the length of the bracelet that are so important when
temperature or other changes make the wrist expand or contract.

Every watch has its own individual serial number.
The watch is offered in a special presentation box.

Seiko Astron 5X Series 2018 Limited Edition

Limited edition of 2000 pieces