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A Pattern that Hides Beauty in Plain Sight.A Pattern that Hides Beauty in Plain Sight.

In eighth-century Japan, during the Heian period, artisans created wagara, beautiful patterns to decorate kimonos and other traditional items. Inspired by nature, each design has a unique meaning and is often associated with specific seasons and occasions. The shippo pattern is formed by overlapping circles and expresses peace and harmony. Kikko was inspired by the tortoise shell and represents longevity. Asanoha, the hemp-leaf pattern, corresponds with growth and good health. Interestingly, such designs made a fashion comeback during the Edo period (1603–1868), when kimonos with intricate patterns or more than three colors were often prohibited. To satisfy their love for style without running afoul of the law, designers hid beauty in plain sight. Kimonos displaying the subtle patterns of wagara appear plain from a distance, but up close, the splendor of the design reveals itself. Now Seiko introduces The Sharp Edged Series, elegant timepieces that capture the essence of wagara...and hide beauty in plain sight.


Only in Japan A 1000-Year-Old Patternto Create Something NewOnly in Japan A 1000-Year-Old Patternto Create Something New

The best of Japanese craftsmanship can be observed on the faces of The Sharp Edged Series. It begins with the hemp-leaf pattern, a 1000-year-old tribute to elegant simplicity. By elevating the six triangular facets that make up the design, the dial changes its appearance as light shines across its 3D surface. Though they rise just 0.03 mm, these tiny shapes reflect light in all directions, creating a graceful contrast of illumination and shadow. Another unique characteristic of the series is the minimization of round edges, a feature that inspired its name. Ultimately, sharp not only defines the aesthetic of these singular watches, it also captures the trailblazing spirit of those who wear them.


Reflecting IndividualityReflecting Individuality

The Sharp Edged Series creates an entirely new aesthetic by updating an ancient pattern and eschewing rounded edges. It is available in four traditional Japanese colors: aitetsu (indigo iron), shironeri (unbleached silk), tokiwa (evergreen), and susutake (brown-toned smoked bamboo). The extraordinary dial reflects light unlike any other watch, making it the ideal choice for those whose growth and determination illuminate their success.


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