Design of Presage

Presage watchmaking has inherited over 100 years of Seiko’s watchmaking tradition.
With its form created through careful consideration of beauty and comfort on the wrist and a timeless design with consideration of a long period of use, these watches continuously present a sense of Japanese aesthetic.

Dial of the Laurel

In 1913, Seiko introduced Japan’s first wristwatch, the Laurel.Many Presage watches have adopted the dial layout of the Laurel, which can be said as the origin of Seiko’s watchmaking.

Dial design loved through the ages

The design of the Laurel has been revived in the present. The warm feel and nostalgia of distinctive Arabic numerals has made this watch loved for over 100 years. The watches size and other features have been adjusted to best suit the times.

The Characteristic “12”

For many of the watches which utilize a dial design inspired by the Laurel, many incorporate a prominent “12” in colors such as red and gold.This stylish design was first used by the Laurel and was not only an aesthetically it attractive feature in terms of design but it was also a practical way for showing very simply which side was the top.





Presage Lineup

Dial of the Timekeeper

Seiko’s first pocket watch was produced in 1895 and incorporated a cylinder escapement.
The shape of the hands and arrangement of the indexes are calculated in detail to achieve high legibility. Like the Laurel, it is one of the representative Presage designs.

Modern version of the Timekeeper design that maintains outstanding legibility

While the design of the original
Timekeeper has been maintained, the shapes of the hands and the dial materials have been updated for a modern look and further enhances its legibility.

Elaborate sense of depth

With Presage, a beautiful sense of depth is applied to the dial with printing that give these watches a three-dimensional look.
Not only does this give the dial its unique beauty, its three-dimensional feel enhances its legibility and suitability for daily use.


As seen in the attention to detail, legibility and beauty of the dial, the design philosophy of Riki Watanabe, a pioneer of modern Japanese design, is very much inherited in the watches.

Dial layout

From the font, shape of hands, and use of contrast, Riki Watanabe’s design philosophy is represented throughout the dial. The dial has a modern sense of beauty and its high legibility makes it suitable for use in any occasion.

Enamel and design philosophy of Riki Watanabe

The enamel dial perfectly harmonizes with the design philosophy of Riki Watanabe. Its unique warm texture also reflects his design theme on how to “humanize” the watch and have it be more than just a time measuring instrument.

Japanese Design Pioneer

Riki Watanabe epitomized the Japanese design world and received many awards, including the Milan Triennale Exhibition Gold Award, the Mainichi Design Award, and the Japanese Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon awarded by the Government of Japan.He had a deep knowledge of watches and worked on the designs of many watches. The spirit of such a person is expressed in Presage watches.

The Presage collection featuring an exquisite dial inspired by Japanese gardens

A design series inspired by Japanese gardens. The colors, light, shades, and wabi-sabi unique to Japanese gardens are represented in the dials.

Expressions unique to Japanese gardens

Expressions unique to Japanese gardens, such as raked gravel waves and the texture of moss are reflected on the dial designs. There are many designs that imitate the stones of a Japanese garden with the bar-shaped indexes that cast a delicate and rich shadow over the dials.

Colors of Japan

The dials incorporate vivid colors unique to a Japanese garden. The rich expressions are inspired by the green of trees and moss, the red of autumn leaves, and the blue of the lake.

The Presage collection inspired by the cocktail bar

A design series inspired by an authentic Japanese bar.The unique colors inspired by cocktails are eye-catching, even in a dark bar.

Authentic Japanese bar

A design series inspired by the atmosphere of an authentic bar unique to Japan. In this design series, the light from lighting in a dark bar and the colors of cocktails are depicted on the dials.

Unique colors and textures of dials

The dial colors for each model are inspired by the colors of cocktails. Gradations and radial stamping are added to them to realize beautiful and rich colors. The image of a cocktail is expressed in fine details such as the narrow indexes that are like the stems of a cocktail glass.





Presage Lineup