The Astron GPS Solar 5X Dual-Time

Two black cased Astron GPS Solar creations,
inspired by the nebulae of deep space

Dark Blue

This dark blue dial has tiny specks of gold, silver and blue color to give it the depth and beauty of the night sky.

The buttons that connect Astron GPS Solar to the GPS satellites 20,000km in the sky are highlighted in blue.

Dark Green

This deep green dial has tiny specks of gold color to give it the depth and beauty of the night sky.

The bezel is in green ceramic

The black case is crowned with a green ceramic bezel whose durable and scratch-resistant surface provides enduring protection.

The three sub dials are picked out with green highlights to enhance their visibility.

All-black case & bracelet

The case and bracelet are finished with a scratch-resistant hard coating that preserves its jet-black sheen.

High speed time zone adjustment and automatic synchronization to the exact time every day

Thanks to the use of three independent motors for the hour, minute and second hands, Caliber 5X requires at the fastest just three seconds to change from one time zone to another.

Astron 5X watch adjusts automatically to the exact time every day.
If it detects sunlight, it will connect with one or more GPS satellites and re-set the time, to a precision of one second every 100,000 years. Even if the watch cannot detect sunlight or fail the first attempt, it remembers the time of the previous successful manual time adjustment (or time zone adjustment) and automatically attempts to receive a signal.

Time transfer function

The “time transfer function” allows you to switch, simply and instantly, the display of home and destination times between the main dial and the sub dial.

The Series

The Astron GPS Solar
Dark Blue Dial

[ Caliber 5X53 ]

The Astron GPS Solar
Dark Green Dial

[ Caliber 5X53 ]