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Charging the battery

How to charge the battery

Expose the dial to light to charge the watch.

Charging-1 AQ

To ensure optimal performance of the watch, make sure that the watch is kept sufficiently charged at all times.

Charging-2 AQ

Under the following situations, the energy of the watch is likely to be depleted, resulting in stoppage of the watch:

The watch is concealed under a sleeve.

The watch is used or stored under conditions where it cannot be exposed to light for a long time.

Be careful to make sure that the watch does not get hot when it is charging. (The operating temperature range is -10°C to +60°C.)

When you first start using the watch or starting it after it stopped due to a lack of charge, charge the watch sufficiently using the table on Guide to charging times as a guide.

Guide to charging times

Charge the watch using the times below as a guide.

lx (LUX)

Light source

Condition (Example)

Time required for fully charging the watch

Time required for charging the watch to start moving at one-second intervals

Time required for charging the watch to last for 1 day


Fluorescent light

General offices


60 hours

2.5 hours


Fluorescent light

30 W 20 cm

110 hours

13 hours

33 minutes


Fluorescent light

30 W 5 cm

30 hours

3.5 hours

9 minutes



Cloudy day

30 hours

3.5 hours

9 minutes



Sunny day (Under the direct sunlight on a summer day)

5 hours

36 minutes

2 minutes

The figures of “Time required for charging the watch to start moving at one-second intervals” are estimations of time required to charge the stopped watch by exposing it to light until it moves at steady one-second intervals. Even if the watch is partially charged for a shorter period, the watch will resume one-second interval movement. However, it may shortly return to two-second interval movement. Use the charging time in this column as a rough guide for sufficient charging time.

The required charging time slightly varies depending on the model of the watch.