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Stopwatch function

The stopwatch can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5-second increments. After measuring 60 minutes, the stopwatch hands will automatically stop at the 0 minute 0 second position.

The names of the parts and functions of the stopwatch

Toggle to the “stopwatch display”. Toggling between displays

V192_Names of the parts Stopwatch
  1. Center hand arrow_R stopwatch 1/5-second hand

  2. moves in 1/5-second increments

  3. Button A

  4. Start/Stop

  5. Button B

  6. Split/Reset

  7. Energy level hand arrow_R stopwatch minute hand

  8. moves in one-minute increments

Before using the stopwatch

The stopwatch on this watch can be started directly from the “charge level display”.
On the stopwatch display, use the following operation to reset the stopwatch if it has not been reset. Do not use this operation otherwise.
Before using the stopwatch, reset it and check that the stopwatch hands (1/5-second hand, minute hand) are stopped at “0 seconds and 0 minutes”. For how to reset the stopwatch, see the illustration below.

The stopwatch will not operate when the small seconds hand is moving every 2 seconds.
About energy

How to reset the stopwatch

The stopwatch can be operated when the crown is at the normal position.

If any of the stopwatch hands do not return to 0 minute 0 second when the stopwatch is reset, set the stopwatch hands to the preliminary hand position.

V192_Stopwatch Flow-1 V + Stopwatch Flow-1 V

Button A

Button B

Stopwatch Flow-2 V + Stopwatch Flow-2 V

Current status

The stopwatch has stopped.

The stopwatch is operating.

Operate buttons A and B to start the stopwatch

Press button A and button B in this order

Before pressing the buttons, make sure that the stopwatch hands are moving.

Checking the position of the stopwatch hands after resetting the stopwatch

The stopwatch hands have stopped at the “0 seconds and 0 minutes” position

The stopwatch is reset.

The stopwatch hands have stopped at a position other than the “0 seconds and 0 minutes” position