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Precautions for diving (Please make sure to observe the following)

Before diving

Before diving, check the following:

  1. The time is correctly set.

  2. Turn the crown to wind up the watch so that it does not stop in the water.

  3. The rotating bezel turns smoothly.
    (The bezel rotation must not be too loose or too tight.)

  4. 6R54D_Precautions for diving-1
  5. The crown is completely screwed in.

  6. There are no visible cracks or scratches on the crystal or watch band.

  7. The band is firmly attached to the watch (with spring bars, clamp or other parts.)

  8. 6R54D_Precautions for diving-2
6R54D_Precautions for diving-PC


If there are any malfunctions, contact the retailer from whom the watch was purchased or SEIKO CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER.

While diving

Please observe the following cautions for use.

While diving Cation-1 (Air)

The watch can be used for air diving within the water resistant range displayed on the dial.

While diving Cation-3

Do not operate the crown or buttons underwater.

While diving Cation-2

Take care not to bump the watch against hard objects such as rocks.

While diving Cation-4

Bezel rotation may become slightly harder in the water but this is not a malfunction.

After diving

Please follow the care instructions below after diving.

After diving  Cation-1
After diving  Cation-2

Rinse the watch in fresh water to wash out all seawater and wipe it thoroughly dry to prevent rust.
Avoid pouring running water onto the watch directly from a faucet. Put some water into a bowl first, and then soak the watch in the water to wash it.


Depending on the environment where a diver’s watch is used, its inner parts or movement as well as its case or band may be affected. We recommend that you have your watch overhauled regularly once every 2 or 3 years.

Structure of the case

In the following types of models, take care of the following issues in usage.

The bezel or protective outer case is securely fastened to the watch with setscrews.
Never loosen the setscrews.

8L35D_Structure of the case-1 + Structure of the case-1


8L35D_Structure of the case-2 + Structure of the case-2


The above illustration is provided as an example, therefore it may not be exactly the same as your watch.


Never loosen the setscrews used to fix the bezel or protective outer case.
Doing so may cause damage or result in further loosening.

If you find that the setscrews have become loose or are functioning abnormally, consult the retailer from whom the watch was purchased or SEIKO CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER.