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How to use (how to wind the mainspring)

This watch is a self-winding watch equipped with a manual winding mechanism.

When the watch is worn on the wrist, the motion of the wearer’s arm winds the mainspring of the watch.

When first using a stopped watch, it is recommended that you manually wind the mainspring by turning the crown.

How to manually wind the mainspring by turning the crown

  1. The crown is a screw down crown. Turn the crown counterclockwise to unlock the screw. (When the screw is completely unlocked, the crown is projected outward from its original position.)

  2. 5R65D_Wind mainspring-1
  3. After unlocking the screw, slowly turn the crown clockwise to wind the main-spring. Take care not to press down the crown.

  4. As for manual winding, if you give the crown five full rotations, it provides the power to run the watch for approximately ten hours.

    If the crown is turned counterclockwise, the mainspring of the watch will not be wound.

    5R65D_Wind mainspring-2
  5. Wind the mainspring until the power reserve indicator shows a full-wound state. Immediately, the seconds hand starts moving.

  6. To check the winding state of the mainspring, refer to How to read the power reserve indicator.

    There is no need to turn the crown further when the mainspring is fully wound. The crown can be turned without damaging the watch mechanism; it only winds the mainspring free.

    5R65D_Wind mainspring-3
  7. Gently turn the crown clockwise while pressing it, until it is screwed all the way in and locked.

  8. While screwing the crown in, the watch clicks as the mainspring is wound. This should not cause any concern since this is caused by movement of the mainspring.

    5R65D_Wind mainspring-4