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How to use the rotating bezel

By setting the rotating bezel beforehand, the elapsed time since the start of an event can be measured.

  1. At the start of the event, for which you want to measure the elapsed time (for example, when you start diving), rotate the bezel so that the Bezel-1 mark on the bezel is aligned with the minute hand.

  2. The rotating bezel is designed to rotate only counterclockwise.
    Do not forcibly rotate it clockwise.
    [One-Way rotating bezel]

    4R35D_Rotating Bezel-1 + How to use Rotating bezel-1

    Example: When you start diving at 10:10 am.

    Align the Bezel-1 mark with the minute hand

    Rotating direction of the bezel

  3. Read the graduation on the rotating bezel to which the minute hand is pointing.

  4. The graduation on the rotating bezel to which the minute hand is pointing indicates the elapsed time.

    4R35D_Rotating Bezel-2 + How to use Rotating bezel-2

    Example: After 20 minutes has elapsed

    Elapsed time

The above illustration is provided as an example, therefore it may not be exactly the same as your watch.

[One-Way rotating bezel]

As the evaluation of the remaining air in your cylinder is based on the information of the elapsed time of the dive, the rotating bezel for a diver’s watch is designed to rotate only counterclockwise, so that the watch is prevented from displaying the elapsed time shorter than it actually is.


Make sure that you check the correct remaining amount of air in your cylinder before diving. Use the display of the elapsed time by the rotating bezel only as a guide during diving.