The Prospex mission: to help protect the world’s oceans now and for future generations,
and to secure this legacy for divers everywhere.

Reducing marine debris with the help of divers all around the world.


Marine Debris Program

The PADI AWARE Foundation Marine Debris Program is the world's largest underwater citizen science movement and clean-up initiative. It is known as ‘Dive Against Debris’. More than 70,000 divers have contributed to building the most comprehensive underwater database on seafloor debris on the planet. This database will be shared with NGOs, governments and local communities to promote change and to inform long-term waste management solutions. Seiko is proud to sponsor the global PADI dive community’s work to clean up the seas and remove marine debris for a cleaner, healthier ocean planet.


PADI Official Site

Environmental research at in the polar regions.

The National Institute of Polar Research

The National Institute of Polar Research of Japan conducts research into environmental change and studies natural phenomena in the Arctic and Antarctic regions with the aim of predicting the impact of global warming on our environment. In the 1960’s, Seiko’s diver’s watches and timing equipment were chosen for use by the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, in which the NIPR plays a role. In 2021, Seiko renewed this tradition by donating Prospex diver’s watches to be worn and used by the 63rd Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition members as they conduct further research on environmental change in Antarctica.

Photo:The National Institute of Polar Research

Protecting underwater resources.

Fournoi Underwater Survey and Excavation Project in Greece

Seiko is proud to support an underwater archeology project that is exploring a historical site with the aim of protecting its cultural heritage for future generations. Off the Greek island of Fournoi lie many ships that sank in the 4th century. The project team is surveying and excavating them to learn more about the marine trading system in the Mediterranean at that time. Since 2015, 58 historically significant shipwrecks have been discovered around this Aegean island.

December 3rd, 2021 Zushi-city, Kanagawa, Japan

As part of the Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean activity, PADI Asia Pacific Japan and Seiko Watch Corporation worked together on the “Dive Against Debris®” to remove and collect data on underwater debris.
It is estimated that over 70% of marine debris sinks to the ocean floor, and the program is a step towards solving this dire problem. We also conducted beach cleanup activities on Zushi Beach, making it a valuable day to raise awareness on marine conservation activities.