Astron GPS Solar is one of the world’s most advanced wristwatches. It adjusts at the touch of a button to your time zone by connecting to the GPS satellite network. It takes all the energy it needs from light alone and yet delivers the unsurpassed precision of an atomic clock. It even connects automatically up to twice a day to the satellite network to ensure its accuracy. It is the perfect timepiece for the global traveler.

- Variations -

(Left) SSH117 Silvery white dial with black bezel
(Center) SSH119 Black dial + blue sub-dial with black bezel
(Right) SSH121 Blue dial with blue bezel / Black case

- Features -

The case has a robust, strong design and the dial opening is wide to ensure that the time can be read easily and accurately. The bracelet, too, has a solid feel and sits securely and comfortably on the wrist.

The brilliance of a “Nova”

A nova is one of Nature’s most remarkable astronomical phenomena. Long thought to be the creation of a new star, a Nova takes the form of a sudden, bright emission of light. With its radial pattern, this dial is inspired by the arrival of a Nova in the night sky.

The case and bracelet are made of titanium which is as strong as stainless steel and yet 40% lighter. The super-hard coating ensures that the watch is scratch-resistant.
Ceramic cover on the bezel protects from the scratch.

The sapphire crystal has a super-clear coating that eliminates glare and so delivers optimum visibility from any angle while the Lumibrite on the hands and indexes ensures legibility even in low light conditions.

Technology of Astron 5X Caliber

Our most advanced ever GPS Solar caliber 5X53

The GPS Solar Caliber 5X53 Dual-Time connects up to twice a day to the GPS network to maintain its precision anywhere in the world.
It adjusts automatically to Daylight Saving Time and, when the wearer changes time zone, he or she simply pushes a button and the hands move rapidly to the correct local time, thanks to the system that moves the hour, minute, and seconds hands independently.
In addition, the wearer is able to change the main time display instantly from home to local time and vice versa.
It is a perfect watch for all international travelers. Travelling can be stressful; Astron makes it just a little less so.


The Astron GPS Solar
SSH117 [ Caliber 5X53 ]


The Astron GPS Solar
SSH119 [ Caliber 5X53 ]


The Astron GPS Solar
SSH121 [ Caliber 5X53 ]