MTB Freerider

Eliott Lapôtre

Bikers pushing the limits of freeriding


Eliott was born in 1992, in northern of France, in a forest, far away area called small Canada.
It's where he learned mountain biking at he age of 14 and became Professional since 2017.
He's not doing any competitions, Fascined by create & building track, but also advenure & nature.
He want to document his vision of Mountain bike for the internet & beyond, and create differents type of contents around the world.


2022 - Freeride Fiesta event at Guadalajara, Mexico
Fest Series Event at Brzozowie, Polska
Gt Bicycles event at Trysil, Norway
Anniversary of the Rux Sr Suntour at Kisa, Sweden
Fest Series event at France