Seiko will take on this challenge by donating a portion of the proceeds
from the Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean collection to give back to the diver's community
that is removing and reporting marine debris in aquatic environments.

Reducing Marine Debris with the help of Divers from around the world


Marine Debris Program

Seiko Watch Corporation started a new partnership with PADI® and PADI Aware Foundation's Marine Debris Program to rid the ocean of marine debris.

At the heart of the PADI AWARE Foundation Marine Debris Program is the world's largest underwater citizen science movement and clean-up initiative known as Dive Against Debris®. More than 70,000 divers have contributed to building the most comprehensive underwater database on seafloor debris on the planet which is actively shared with NGOs, governments, and local communities to advocate change and work towards informing long-term waste management solutions. Seiko is proud to sponsor the global PADI dive community’s work to clean-up and prevent marine debris for a cleaner, healthier ocean planet.

PADI Official Site

Unravel the polar environment

Support the polar research by
the National Institute of Polar Research

The National Institute of Polar Research is the only research institute in Japan that comprehensively studies science related to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Research on various natural phenomena observed in polar regions, especially research on global environmental changes represented by global warming in recent years, is very important for future prediction that will have a great impact on human society.
In the past, Seiko has provided various products, including diver's watches, to the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, in which NIPR plays a role as the core institution of scientific research of polar regions in Japan. The provision of products with them has made it possible to collaborate for the first time in about half a century. Seiko Prospex will support global environmental change research through support for the National Institute of Polar Research.

Photo:The National Institute of Polar Research

Protecting underwater resources

Fournoi Underwater Survey and Excavation Project in Greece

Underwater archaeology is generally focused on the study of archeological sites underwater and aims to explore their history while protecting cultural heritage from treasure hunters and preserving their history for future generations. In the 2015-2019 research of the Greek island of Fournoi in the Aegean Sea, as many as 58 historically significant shipwrecks were discovered.
In 2021, underwater excavation of a sunken ship from the 4th century A.D., began. The ship was located at a well-preserved depth of 45 meters, and the excavation aimed to uncover the maritime trading system in the Mediterranean when the center of Western civilization shifted from the Western Roman Empire to the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire).
As part of the Save the Ocean initiative, Seiko Prospex supports underwater archaeological research on the Greek island of Fournoi.