Beauty that endures

Long renowned for its Japanese sensibility, Presage introduces a new series of enamel dial creations for women. Combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship, the lasting quality for which Seiko is famous and a modern design, these creations reveal a new, confident and feminine side of Presage.


  • Design 01

    The brilliance of diamond.
    The soft sheen of enamel.

    Into the crown of each watch is set a diamond whose sparkle contrasts with,
    and yet complements, the soft and subtle sheen of the enamel dial.

  • Design 02

    The harmony of detail.

    Meticulous care is evident in every detail, from the dual-curved sapphire crystal to the elegant roman numerals and the soft flowing lines of the case. Every aspect of the design contributes to the perfect harmony of the watch on the wrist.

  • Design 03

    Enamel dials made
    with Japanese craftsmanship.

    In blue, cherry blossom pink and white, the dials all have the depth and subtle texture of hand-crafted enamel. Each one has a warmth that invites the eye and the soft sheen that is the hallmark of the finest enamel.For more information about the Enamel dial

The Presage Blue Enamel Limited Edition

The limited edition watch has a deep blue dial decorated with a delicate crescent moon shape that flows from twelve to eight o’clock. Where the indexes fall inside this crescent, they are picked out in gold tone, giving the watch an ever-changing aspect and echoing the mystery of the moon. The outline of the crescent shape and the indexes are printed nine times or more to give the dial its sense of depth. The crescent shaped tip of the seconds hand completes the evocation of the sky on a clear winter’s evening.


[ Caliber 6R31 ]
Limited Edition of 1,000
Available in December 2021

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