Time connects us to the Earth, and watches connect us to Time.
As a company, we have worked for over a century to elevate watches to the realm of culture, and we will continue to honor that legacy.
We will also continue to explore the symbiotic relationship between humans and the global environment, and we will strive to help realize a truly sustainable society.

The ceaseless passing of Time is a constant force, a flow that has existed longer than our planet. Certainly, Time will continue to influence life here as long as humanity exists. We use clocks, and their modern iterations, watches, to measure and calculate Time. It is no exaggeration to say that the humble wristwatch is one of the most important inventions ever created.

Thanks to watches, we have been able to establish the foundations of modern society as well as of modern business and industry. Watches also make possible a wide variety of social interactions. Being able to measure and communicate a mutually accepted concept of Time is one of the essential foundations of our civilization. Ultimately, we could say that the wristwatch is an extraordinary device that connects us not only with other people and external events, but with the flow of Time itself. We have, in a sense, created a “culture of Time” that we wear on our wrists, connecting each wearer with a fundamental, immutable and eternal aspect of Nature.

Ever since the Seiko Group was founded in 1881, we have developed the business of accurately measuring Time — first in Japan and then on a global scale — thanks to constant innovation, precision manufacturing, and the enormous trust we have earned from our customers. Our Group Purpose states: As a company trusted by society, we will constantly pursue innovation, inspiring people everywhere, and creating a future full of smiles. Seiko Watch Corporation firmly believes in this credo. By further exploring the close relationship between people and Nature, we will strive to realize a more sustainable society.

Akio Naito
Seiko Watch Corporation

Plan & Action