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The sustainable use of resources

We aim to reduce the environmental impact not only of our watch products themselves, but also of our catalogues, product packaging, and in-store display tools. To that end, we are reducing the amount of paper, plastic, and other materials that we use and reviewing our raw materials.

Sustainable use of timber resources

We are pressing ahead with the digitalization of our instruction manuals and warranty certificates as part of our aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste. This will help us gradually phase out hard copy instruction manuals and warranty certificates.

Instruction manuals

Target brands: Grand Seiko (starting from shipments in April 2023)
       Seiko (for one portion, starting from shipments in February 2023)
       Credor (starting from shipments in April 2023)

This does not apply to products for people with visual impairments.

You can find our instruction manuals at the following addresses:

Warranty certificates

We have created electronic warranty certificates for Grand Seiko and Credor to help provide more secure services over the long term.

The warranty card that we give to customers when they purchase a product is made from environment-conscious PETG material.

FSC®-certified paper

Using FSC®-certified paper and other environment-conscious paper

We are gradually switching the paper used for the boxes we put products in at the time of purchase and for printed materials such as catalogues to FSC®-certified paper and other environment-conscious paper. FSC® certification is granted for wood products and paper made from timber harvested under sustainable forest management or from appropriately sourced recycled resources. Using FSC®-certified wood products and paper helps protect forests from the risk of excessive logging.

FSC®-certified Paper

Product boxes

Target brands: Grand Seiko, Seiko (one portion), Credor

Regarding Grand Seiko and Credor, we have reviewed the materials used in addition to paper and are working to reduce the size of the boxes to help reduce the environmental impact.

Price tags

Target brands: Grand Seiko, some of Seiko, Credor (From January 2023 shipments)

Customer catalogues

Target brands: Grand Seiko, Seiko, Credor, and other brands

Reducing plastics use

We will start to reduce the plastic cushioning used when packaging in-store tools for overseas transportation.

Using recycled plastics

We will start to switch the plastics parts used in in-store displays to recycled plastic materials.

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