How should I care for my watch band?

Since the watch band touches the skin directly, remaining sweat or dirt may result in damage to your watch band.
We recommend that you wear a watch with enough space for one finger between the watch band and your wrist. 
Lack of care may accelerate deterioration of the band, cause skin irritation or stain the cuff of your clothing.
Please follow the precautions below in order to maintain the best condition of your band as long as possible:

Metal band:

Accumulation of dirt, sweat or moisture between the band parts may cause rust even on a stainless steel bracelet.
This kind of rust may result in a yellow discoloration on your cuff when you perspire.
If the adjustment pin of the watch band gets rusty, pins may poke out or drop out, and the watch case may fall off the band, or the clasp may not open. If a pin is poking out, it may injure the user. In such a case, refrain from using the watch and contact an Authorized Seiko Service Center for repair.

Cleaning method:

To prevent rust, wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft cloth when convenient.
To wash the band, apply some water to metal bands / bracelets when stains on the surface are noticeable. 
For heavy stains, use a tooth brush and remove the stain that has accumulated in the gaps of the band / bracelet segments.
Protect the watch head from moisture entering the watch by wrapping it in plastic wrap etc.
After washing, take special care to wipe the gaps of the band/bracelet segments with a towel and dry the entire watch thoroughly.

Leather band:

A leather band is more susceptible to discoloration and deterioration from moisture, sweat and direct sunlight than metal bands / bracelets.
Leather straps may tear or strap colours fade. Constant care is required and this includes the circumstances in which the watch is worn. Refrain from wearing a watch with a leather band while bathing, swimming and working with water even if the watch itself is water-resistant.
In addition, take care when wearing a watch with a light-colored band, as stains will be more visible.

Cleaning method:

Wipe off moisture and sweat as soon as possible by gently rubbing it with a soft dry cloth, and place it in a well-ventillated area after removing it from the wrist. Do not expose your watch to sunlight for extened periods (eg. on a car dashboard) since this may lead to discoloration/transformation/breakage of your watch’s leather strap.
* There are some bands with a back (or even the entire strap) made of synthetic leather, which is more resistant to perspiration compared with a genuine leather band. Nevertheless, constant care for bands is essential in any case.

Urethane band:

A urethane band is susceptible to discoloration from light, and it may deteriorate from contact with solvents or humidity in the atmosphere. If bands remain wet and in highly humid locations or are exposed to sunlight for extended periods, the rate of deterioration may accelerate and some cracks may appear on the band surface. In addition, a translucent, white, or pale colored band easily adsorbs other colors, resulting in color smears or discoloration.
Care should be given to the condition of polyurethane bands, which are often worn for marine sports or outdoor activities.

Cleaning method:

Wash off any dirt with water and dry thoroughly with a dry cloth (protect the watch head from water splashes by wrapping it in plastic wrap etc.).
* When the band loses elasticity, please contact an Authorized Seiko Service Center to replace it with a new one. If you continue to use the band as it is, it may develop cracks or become brittle over time.