What special care should I give my watch?


  • Avoid strong shocks such as dropping on hard surfaces as a watch is a sensitive precision instrument.

Water resistance:

  • Do not put a water resistant watch in water while the crown is pulled out.
  • Do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.
  • Even if a watch is water resistant, avoid placing it directly under running water from a faucet.
    The water pressure from a faucet is high and sufficient to result in moisture penetration inside the watch.
  • The water resistance of a watch is not permanently guaranteed.
    It is affected by the ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to an accidental shock.
    We recommend that you have the water resistance of the watch checked regularly to ensure it’s functionality.
  • To preserve its water resistance as long as possible, wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft, dry cloth after removing it from the wrist.

Swimming in the sea:

  • After using a water resistant watch in sea water, wash it in fresh water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wash a water resistant watch while the crown is pulled out.
  • Avoid washing it directly under running water. Wash it in still water in a sink or container.

Bath or sauna:

  • Do not wear the watch while taking a bath or a sauna. Steam, soap or some components of a hot spring may accelerate the deterioration of water resistance performance.

Temperature Extremes:

  • The function of the watch is affected by extreme temperature and by extreme changes in temperature.
  • Since operational temperature ranges differ for each caliber, please refer to the instruction for your watch caliber.


  • Do not use solvents or chemicals (i.e. benzine, thinner, bleach) for cleaning a watch. This may cause a chemical reaction and result in deterioration of the watch or a change in the color of the case, band or strap.


  • Turn the crown from time to time in order to prevent corrosion of the crown and maintain the flexibility of the gasket.
  • For a screw-in crown, screw down the crown carefully to prevent penetration of moisture inside the movement.


  • Wipe off moisture, sweat or dirt with a soft cloth after removing it from the wrist to increase the durability of the case back, gaskets and band.