Why does Seiko recommend servicing your watch about every three years?

Seiko watches are designed to provide accurate and reliable service over a long period.
However, like any sensitive precision instrument, a watch needs periodic servicing to ensure that it functions perfectly.
Frequency of the servicing depends on the climate and the owner’s usage conditions, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every three years at an Authorized Seiko Service Center.

In order to prevent watch parts from wearing out, a watch movement needs lubrication.
However, lubricant oil deteriorates after years of use and this may cause a watch to lose time or stop.
During disassembling and cleaning, our watchmakers will inspect the watch condition and dirt and moisture that may cause malfunction will be removed and worn out parts and gaskets will be replaced with genuine SEIKO parts, the disassembled parts will be lubricated again, and waterproof performance will be checked.
Periodic servicing is also important for ensuring the water resistance of the watch. Water resistance of the watch is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by the ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to an accidental shock.
We recommend that you have them replaced when you replace the battery.