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This solar watch is equipped with a stopwatch function.

A full-scale stopwatch, which can measure in 1/5-second increments with the center hand, is equipped.

A solar cell under the dial converts any form of light into “electrical energy” to operate the watch.

“Chronograph” means a watch with a stopwatch function.

Stopwatch function
Stopwatch function:

The stopwatch can measure up to 60 minutes in 1/5-second increments. After measuring 60 minutes, the stopwatch will automatically stop.

Solar Charging Function
Charging the battery:

The watch charges by converting light that shines on the solar panel on the dial into electrical energy. After the battery is fully charged, the watch will operate for about six months even if the dial is not exposed to light.

Energy level display function
How to display the energy level:

The energy level is displayed on the “charge level display”.