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Names of the parts and their functions

V192_Names of the parts
  1. Stopwatch 1/5-second hand

  2. (center hand)

  3. Hour hand

  4. Small seconds hand

  5. Stopwatch minute hand

  6. (energy level hand)

  7. Tachymeter

  8. Minute hand

  9. 24-hour hand

  10. Button A

  11. Toggling to the stopwatch display

  12. Crown

  13. Normal position (not locked): Stopwatch and charging functions

    First click position: Date setting

    Second click position: Setting the time, setting the stopwatch hands to preliminary position, and performing a system reset

  14. Button B

  15. Toggling to the charge level display

  16. Date

The position and design of the display may vary depending on the model.