Seiko將透過捐贈 Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean 系列的部分收益,

Reducing Marine Debris with the help of Divers from around the world



Seiko Watch Corporation與專業潛水教練協會(PADI®)以及 PADI AWARE 基金會攜手合作進行海洋垃圾計劃(Marine Debris Program)

由 PADI AWARE 基金會(PADI AWARE Foundation™)所主導的海洋垃圾計劃,是全球規模最大的水下公民科學運動及清潔倡議( 名為:Dive Against Debris®)。已有超過 70,000 名潛水員根據收集到的海底垃圾建構出全球最大的水下資料庫,並與世界各地的非營利組織、政府機關以及當地社群共享資訊,積極合作並且推動、落實變革,為長期的海洋垃圾清除尋求可行的解決方案。Seiko 很榮幸能為全球 PADI 潛水者社群提供贊助,一同推動海洋垃圾清理計劃,為我們的地球帶回一個乾淨、美麗的蔚藍海洋。


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Unravel the polar environment

Support the polar research by
the National Institute of Polar Research

The National Institute of Polar Research is the only research institute in Japan that comprehensively studies science related to the Antarctic and the Arctic. Research on various natural phenomena observed in polar regions, especially research on global environmental changes represented by global warming in recent years, is very important for future prediction that will have a great impact on human society.
In the past, Seiko has provided various products, including diver's watches, to the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, in which NIPR plays a role as the core institution of scientific research of polar regions in Japan. The provision of products with them has made it possible to collaborate for the first time in about half a century. Seiko Prospex will support global environmental change research through support for the National Institute of Polar Research.

Photo:The National Institute of Polar Research

Protecting underwater resources

Fournoi Underwater Survey and Excavation Project in Greece

Underwater archaeology is generally focused on the study of archeological sites underwater and aims to explore their history while protecting cultural heritage from treasure hunters and preserving their history for future generations. In the 2015-2019 research of the Greek island of Fournoi in the Aegean Sea, as many as 58 historically significant shipwrecks were discovered.
In 2021, underwater excavation of a sunken ship from the 4th century A.D., began. The ship was located at a well-preserved depth of 45 meters, and the excavation aimed to uncover the maritime trading system in the Mediterranean when the center of Western civilization shifted from the Western Roman Empire to the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire).
As part of the Save the Ocean initiative, Seiko Prospex supports underwater archaeological research on the Greek island of Fournoi.

December 3rd, 2021 Zushi-city, Kanagawa, Japan

As part of the Seiko Prospex Save the Ocean activity, PADI Asia Pacific Japan and Seiko Watch Corporation worked together on the “Dive Against Debris®” to remove and collect data on underwater debris.
It is estimated that over 70% of marine debris sinks to the ocean floor, and the program is a step towards solving this dire problem. We also conducted beach cleanup activities on Zushi Beach, making it a valuable day to raise awareness on marine conservation activities.