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The photo of Enamel Dial Automatic


The dial of this automatic model is made with enamel, and its design is created based on the “RIKI STEEL CLOCK”, one of Riki Watanabe's most famous works.
The design philosophy of Riki Watanabe stands out in this dial with its high legibility.
  1. The photo of enamel dial

    0 1 Enamel

    The dials are made by master craftsman Mitsuru Yokosawa and his colleagues to ensure that each dial is just the right shape and form for the watch dial. The dials have a unique sheen and warm, deep and organic beauty.

  2. The photo of Riki Clock

    0 2 Simple yet distinctive
    dial design

    The motif of the dial design is “RIKI STEEL CLOCK”.
    Its simple yet distinctive design shows Riki Watanabe’s dedication to design.

  3. The photo of movement

    0 3 An automatic movement
    with high practicality

    SPB113J1 and SPB115J1 both have a power reserve of 70 hours, therefore, there is no concern about the remaining power on Monday morning even if the watches are unused over the weekend.
    The calendar and power reserve indicator of both SPB161J1 and SPB163J1 make the watches even more practical.

    * In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

    * The photographed movement is 6R35.


The movie of Enamel Dial Automatic

Seiko | Japanese design pioneer Riki Watanabe


The photo of SPB161J1


The photo of SPB163J1


The photo of SPB113J1


The photo of SPB115J1