Japanese design pioneer

渡辺 力 Riki Watanabe

The dial is made of enamel and has a simple yet modern design reflecting the philosophy of Riki Watanabe, a pioneer of modern Japanese design.
The highest level of Japanese aesthetic and craftsmanship is reflected in the movement, materials and design, and with it, a brand new form of Japanese artistry is born in Presage.



The image of Riki Watanabe

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Riki Watanabe

1911 ~ 2013

As a pioneer of modern Japanese design, Riki Watanabe made great contributions to design recognition in both social and educational fields throughout Japan, such as the establishment of the Japan Industrial Designers’ Association. He received many awards including the Milan Triennale Exhibition Gold Award, the Mainichi Design Award, and the Japanese Medal of Honor with purple ribbon awarded by the Government of Japan.


The image of Riki Clock
Riki Clock
A wall clock reflecting the design philosophy of Riki Watanabe. The dial design is characterized by a careful consideration of fonts, layout, and other design features to enhance legibility.
The image of Riki Windsor
Riki Windsor
A Windsor chair by Riki Watanabe adapted to the living environment in Japan.
The image of Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
Karuizawa Prince Hotel West
Riki Watanabe worked with architect Kiyoshi Seike on the interior design of Japanese hotel chain Prince Hotels.
The works extend to various locations throughout Japan and overseas.
The image of Stainless Tray
Stainless Tray
This stainless steel tray has become so popular that it is almost considered to be of an anonymous design. It is now known simply as “Uni-Tray”.

Prestige Line

Enamel DialSpring Drive

The image of Enamel Dial Spring Drive
The collection introduces two new watches that, for the first time in its history, carry Spring Drive movements. Spring Drive dramatizes a uniquely Japanese aesthetic and sensibility through the quiet and smooth glide motion of the seconds hand, and its innovative mechanism speaks of Seiko’s mastery of high technology and craftsmanship.
The dial is made of enamel and has a simple yet modern design reflecting the philosophy of Riki Watanabe.
  1. The image of Spring Drive

    0 1 Spring Drive

    Spring Drive is a unique watch technology. It generates energy like every other luxury mechanical watch but combines this with an electronic regulator to deliver a level of precision that no mechanical watch can match.
    Spring Drive calibers have the signature glide motion seconds hand, reflecting the natural and continuous flow of time. It moves smoothly, silently, and precisely.

  2. The image of Enamel

    0 2 Enamel

    The dials are made by master craftsman Mitsuru Yokosawa and his colleagues to ensure that each dial is just the right shape and form for the watch dial. The dials have a unique sheen and warm, deep and organic beauty.

  3. The image of a design of Japanese modernity

    0 3 A design of
    Japanese modernity

    The Presage team worked closely with Riki Watanabe’s erstwhile colleague to create a dial that brought the design of Watanabe’s to life. It is free from excess decoration on both dial and case and allows for a light, modern style that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The Didoni font, the dual-curved sapphire case with super-clear coating and the vivid contrast of color between the dial and the hands and numerals all enhance the watches’ legibility while capturing a perfect balance between beauty and clarity.


Seiko | Japanese design pioneer Riki Watanabe


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