“Reinventing myself.”

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Yuto Horigome

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Learning to skateboard

My father was a skateboarder and I often tagged along with him. It was like a toy to me and I started sitting on a skateboard and riding it like that. Getting on a skateboard was a bit of a challenge at first so I was really happy when I could ride it properly.

Photo of Yuto Horigome

What made you want to become a pro?

Pro skaters from around the world gather in LA to participate not only in competitions but also in street culture as professionals and I wanted to be a part of that. I've wanted to commit myself to skating like a pro. I have different motivations for skating in Japan and skating in the US so I enjoyed every aspect of it, rather than finding it difficult.

Photo of Yuto Horigome
Photo of Yuto Horigome

The appeal of skateboarding

I admire those skaters who ride steady yet fast and handle any obstacles. I think they're really cool. My goal is to land my original tricks and execute every trick perfectly. I'm always thinking about coming up with new tricks. I think the audience enjoys it more and that's my strength now.

What keeps you challenging?

Early last year, I wasnʼt able to win any competitions and I was pretty devastated. At times like that, all I can do is to practice, and clear my head, just focusing on executing each trick perfectly. That's how I keep my motivation high when I'm feeling down.

Since when I was little, I've been watching competitions where top pros compete, dreaming about skating and winning there. So I felt like my dream had come true when I started competing and I was determined to win.

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Yuto Horigome's “Keep Going Forward”

I keep on challenging myself. And I want to keep showing new aspects of my skateboarding I want people to know more about skateboarding. I won't be satisfied by just winning competitions or landing new tricks, I need to keep challenging myself. I have this vision of “reinventing myself”.

“Be humble”

“Be humble.” I've been skating for many years and I've come this far thanks to a lot people who support me and I will always remember that. Itʼs important believe in yourself and keep going.

Goals for this year

There will be a big event and I think Japanese skaters will be really fueled by that and I also want to step up to a bigger stage. And I hope that will motivate other Japanese skaters or people who want to start skating too. Besides competitions, I'm also hoping to show the street aspect or the beauty of skateboarding to everyone.

Photo of Yuto Horigome

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