Seiko Astron Global LineNovak Djokovic
2020 Limited Edition

Photo of Novak Djokovic

A new Astron GPS Solar watch
flies the flag for Novak Djokovic

Since the beginning of 2014, Seiko has been proud to be the watch partner of Novak Djokovic. We have watched with delight and admiration over the past six years as Novak has cemented his place as one of the greatest players in tennis history with his astonishing record of 16 Grand Slam victories and 34 ATP Tour Masters 1000 wins. In 2019 alone, Novak won the Australian Open and Wimbledon as well as three other tournaments, including his first in Japan. Seiko now celebrates Novak’s remarkable achievements with the creation of a new Astron GPS Solar watch that offers Seiko’s leadership GPS solar technology in a design based around the shared colors of the flags of Serbia and Japan, symbolizing the strength of our partnership.

Photo of Novak Djokovic

Photo of Serbian flag

Novak Djokovic

Born in 22 May 1987

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player.
He is ranked No. 2 in men's singles tennis in ATP world rankings (As of 2019).

Played his first ATP Tour match as a professional
Won his first ATP tournament and made his first quarterfinal appearance at a Grand Slam event at the French Open. (Finished the year with an ATP ranking of 16)
Made his first Grand Slam final at the US Open. (ATP ranking 3)
Won his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. Won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing. (ATP ranking 3)
Won five ATP titles. (ATP ranking 3)
Led the Serbian team to victory in the Davis Cup. (ATP ranking 3)
Three Grand Slam titles: Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Won a record 43 matches in a row. (ATP ranking 1)
Won his third title at the Australian Open. The Republic of Serbia awarded him the “Karadjordjeva Star” Medal. (ATP ranking 1)
Won a record third successive Australian Open title. (ATP ranking 2)
Won his second Wimbledon title. (ATP ranking 1)
Again won three Grand Slam titles, Australian Open, Wimbledon and US Open. (ATP ranking 1)
Won his sixth Australian Open title and achieved his ‘Career Grand Slam’ with victory at the French Open. (ATP ranking 2)
Won Wimbledon and US Open and, by winning in Cincinnati, became the only player in history to win all the ATP Masters 1000 events (ATP ranking 1)
Won a record seventh Australian Open title and his fifth Wimbledon title. Extended record ATP tour title count to 77. (ATP ranking 2)

5X53, our best ever GPS solar caliber.

The GPS Solar Caliber 5X53 Dual-Time connects up to twice a day to the GPS network to maintain its precision* anywhere in the world. It adjusts automatically to Daylight Saving Time** and, when the wearer changes time zone, he or she simply pushes a button and the hands move rapidly to the correct local time, thanks to the system that moves the hour, minute, and seconds hands independently. In addition, the wearer is able to change the main time display instantly from home to local time and vice versa. It is a perfect watch for Novak and all international travelers. Travelling can be stressful; Astron makes it just a little less so.

  • * When the dial detects sunlight, the watch connects to the GPS satellite network and adjusts automatically to the correct time. If the watch is hidden from light, it remembers the time of its last successful manual connection and attempts to receive the GPS signal again at that same time.
  • ** If the time zone adjustment is successful, the watch will display local Daylight Saving Time wherever this is in operation. (This does not apply when a time zone is selected manually)


Photo of SSH045 Astron


Novak is as proud to be Serbian as Seiko is to be Japanese. The design of Novak’s new Astron GPS Solar watch reflects, in a way that is quietly light-hearted, the affection in which both Novak and Seiko hold their home nations. Red and white are colors shared by both flags and they are used in every detail, along with the deep blue that is also central to the Serbian flag and denotes ‘‘victory’’ in Japanese culture.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Indicator


The time zones of Serbia and Japan are highlighted in red on the UTC indicator ring at the +1 and +9 positions.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Bezel


The dial ring is in white and the ceramic bezel is in blue with a thin red line within it. The use of color as symbol continues in the gold of the hands and minute track on the dual-time sub-dial, reflecting the heights of Novak’s achievements on the tennis courts of the world.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Additional Strap


The additional silicone strap is in white, the color shared by both flags of Serbia and Japan.
It is in harmony with the surrounding colors, such as the blue of the ceramic bezel.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Case Back


The case back carries Novak’s signature and the individual serial number of the watch.

* In an actual product, the case back direction might be different from the photograph.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Certificate Photo of SSH045 Astron Certificate


It is also accompanied by a card containing a message from Novak.

Photo of SSH045 Astron Special Box


This new Novak Djokovic Astron GPS Solar creation is offered as a limited edition of just 1,500 and is presented in a special box containing an additional silicone strap.

Astron GPS Solar Novak Djokovic 2020 Limited Edition

Photo of SSH045 Astron

SSH045[ Caliber 5X53 ]

  • Limited Edition of 1,500 pcs.
  • Available from February 2020 in selected Seiko Boutiques and other selected Seiko retailers worldwide.